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Welcome to my Blog on Books & Coffee!

A Chapter's Book & Cup to Grind

In the beginning

One day over seven years ago this past May, we opened the doors of our establishment right here at 816 Main Street. Yep, Main Street.

Most people for years didn't believe in Main Street any longer or that small business could grow in a downtown that, like ours, had been up then down and now resurging again!

But here we are after six full years and working into our seventh! We've made it through COVID, made it through what most consider the toughest for a small Main Street business and that is the first five years! But we have!

However, I have to say, we couldn't have made it if it weren't for our local and loyal customers right here in our city of Van Buren, Arkansas. Our customers that have been good to purchase books and our specialty beverages (coffees and teas) from us instead of others!

Who would have thought that in a world of Amazon and Starbucks that there would be a space for our small town Indie bookstores and coffee shop?

But I guess like many other anomalies', we found a space, surfaced and have survived. Chapters on Main Bookstore & Coffee Shop was born!

In fact we have filled a role that others didn't. We have put books back in to the hands of children, we have made spaces for those in the community to meet, work, organize bible studies and meet, college students to have space. We have offered space for businesses to meet within our walls while also being a place for individuals to pick up a book and find solitude with a cup of coffee and time.

If you haven't visited us, then you wouldn't know that our motto when served one of our handmade specialty beverages basically says it all.

When we began our business back in February of 2016, we decided that one of our core values would be that our coffee would have to be perfect each and every time. That was a must! Consistency. But it really also speaks to our customer service and how we address customers.

So each time since day one has been that every cup of coffee or tea served to a customer is done with a smile and a promise. The promise is simply, "if it isn't perfect, we will remake it for you!" When we train new employees to be a barista, they are taught that this is part of our process, but it is also our promise to our customers.

And we do mean it!

We haven't had to remake many drinks, but the promise is there always! We believe in making your day the best it could be, so if you are a loyal customer or if you are coming in for the first time, our promise to get your day started on a positive note is always there!

POTTERFEST Is This Saturday!

We can't believe that we are here again! This upcoming Saturday, just like every last Saturday in July we host PotterFest! All of those from Hogwarts will be in attendance! There will be much to do and plenty to enjoy! All of the newest in book releases will be on our shelves; Harry Potter menu will be available in drinks-such as Butter Beer plus more; photo booth; trivia contest at 2 & 4 with winners of each in play off at 6pm; costume contest during the day, plus much much more!Don't miss this event filled day!

You are Special to US!

We will always prove to make your visit with us special! In fact, we want you to come back and bring friends and family with you the next time. It happens all the time!

Something we love to see and hear about. Remember, "if it isn't perfect, we'll remake it for you!" Every time, Can't wait to see you again,

Chapters Management


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