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Our Story

Offering Our Community a Third Place as Home 


Since May of 2016, our goal has always been to impact our community in a positive way.

At Chapters on Main Bookstore & Coffee Shop, we wanted to provide a "third place"

for our community. A location where we exchange ideas,

have a good time, and build relationships.

Whether you are young, older or in between, we provide a place outside of work

and home to meet friends, family and maybe even a new group of people

that you learn to love and communicate with on a certain level.

Your community.


Over the past years, Chapters has seen many friendships start within our walls,

bible studies begin or strengthen, people learn more about themselves, people studying,

workers and even couples getting to know each other better and well....

even enough to get married and make this their favorite hang out!

We also have worked hard to provide both New and Used books to everyone

who loves to read and those wishing to get involved in reading.

Our local authors are very important to us and help

in providing atmosphere and culture to Chapters on Main! 

At Chapters on Main with great tasting Onyx coffees from around the world — 

There is nothing quite like enjoying that perfect cup of coffee .

Especially when you can couple it with a great book.

Come visit us sometime if you haven't become part of us already!


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