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Christmas Through Your Eyes

I love sitting in the main room of Chapters looking out the window at the people arriving off the passenger train. Many times they walk across Main Street, stop outside our store, look up at the signage and I can see them reading "Books" then they walk up to our hundred plus year old door!

The magic happens when they walk through that old door that creaks just a bit as it opens up to the fantasies for some and the memories for others of yesteryear and old bookstores they frequented when they were in another time.

Quite often I hear them mention to their traveling friends or family, "wow, this is just like a store I remember from when I was little". Or many times people have said "this is just like a Hallmark movie!"

All of which make my heart smile as I enjoy listening to our customers both young and old, established and new that just found us nd enjoyingtheir surroundings for the first time! Or maybe it could be someone that is a regular and they have frequented each week and are there for the hundredth time! All of these customers still make me know that I created this Chapter for the right reasons!

But what we've found is that everyone that has found us, has their own idea of what we are to them! So this Christmas we are giving everyone the opportunity to show not only us, but others as well!


We are hosting the Christmas at Chapters Through Your Eyes! We are asking everyone to come in as their time allows over the next two weeks until November 27th to get some video and put together a video of what we mean to you then submit it to us on our platform of your choice=Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok!

First place winner will get a $50 gift card to Chapters and Second place winner will receive a $25 gift card! Both will be awarded on Thursday, December 1st.

So come in, get some video and put a special spot together to tell us how you feel! A short list of rules on our website for you to read! The button below will link you to the rules page!

Have fun and we can't wait to see all the submissions!

Happy Thankgiving!

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