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Geometry has been defined as "describing spaces that lie beyond the normal range of human experience." Soon it will also be defined as "that coffee from Onyx that I am in love with and completely redefined my relationship with coffee."

It's our answer for everything and has two of our favorite coffees - a washed processed Ethiopian & Colombian. This blend has become one of our favorite coffees. We love it as a filter coffee, and we love it as espresso. And not only does is it taste great as either but it's easy to dial in as espresso or filter.

Middle of Traditional and Modern, Washed, Origins: Colombia El Tambo & Ethiopia Halo Beriti

Cupping Notes: Berries, Sweet Lemon, Black Tea, Honey, Silky & Round



Admit it, when you were a kid you didn't think you would be thinking of Geometry as an adult. But we have turned the tables on you, like a Lazy Susan. But don't worry our Geometry will not stress you out like middle school. Great as a filter coffee or an espresso this blend has become our answer for everything. Don't believe us here are some examples.

Q: Which coffee do you want for filter coffee? A: Geometry

Q: What coffee should we have as an espresso? A: Geometry

Q: The Pythagorean theorem is a formula used in which form of mathematics? A: Geometry

This coffee is ridiculously good and approachable while also remaining complex. It will convert even the most skeptical towards Specialty.


    Cupping Notes: Berries, Sweet Lemon, Black Tea, Honey, Silky & Round


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