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Decaf Colombia El Vernia

Decaf Colombia El Vernia

Rest easy with this structured and sweet decaf from Tolima. Shady and Elias Vergel separated out a Caturra lot for decaffeination. This results in a complex yet versatile cup that performs well on filter and espresso. Expect notes of plantain and chocolate with an apple-like acidity.Traditional | ● ● ● ● ● ○ ○ ○ | ModernWashed, EA Decaffeinated & Raised-Bed Dried.Cup Notes: Dark Chocolate, Tart Apple, Panela, Ripe Plantain



This coffee was produced in Fresno, Tolima by El Vergel Estates. We have cupped through coffees sent by Shady Bayter over the past few seasons, and this season we hit on several coffees that highlighted what they do there. Shady and Elias focus on implementing technology and innovation to push their coffees forward, and it’s evident in everything they do. The coffees they produce at El Vergel are vibrant and wild, both in variety and process. This decaf is a slight departure from their vibrant and wild fermentations, rather it’s a clean and balanced Caturra blend from their farm, selected specifically for decaffeination. 

Something less evident from the cup, however, is their commitment to facilitating an efficient supply chain. By importing their coffees directly to the states, they control how the coffee moves, as well as how it’s marketed. This allows them to send us samples of arrivals directly, streamlining payment as well as logistics. 



    Notes: Dark Chocolate, Tart Apple, Panela, Ripe Plantain


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