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A.B.I.L. Returns

A.B.I.L. Returns

The Awaited Sequel To A.B.I.L.
(Artificial Biological Intelligence Lifeform)

2064 was the year ABIL narrowly escaped the persecution of DomeWorld’s military assault on the android civilization where the fear of robotic superiority abounded. Only able to save a select few, ABIL took refuge on the moon in an outpost the human race had deserted. The Sanctuary he’d built there for his android race had hidden and served them well.
Sixteen years later, he’s being hailed to return to Earth by an almost severed DNA connection he can’t ignore. A calling that radiated in his neural network, pleading for protection.
Against AI logic, ABIL’s circuits won’t allow him to abandon the two human friends who’d help him escape certain death, even if returning now meant his destruction was at hand.
Also fueling ABIL’s urgency to revisit the blue planet is a need to find replacement parts for the ones deteriorating inside his droid companion, SAM. Back on Earth, he and The Hacker could find them. Will he be able to repair SAM before her exoskeleton body completely fails and shutdown?

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