Tropical Weather is a seasonal blend that celebrates the coffees from one of our favorite coffee-producing countries, Ethiopia. We used a washed Bombe and a natural Bombe, and the result was indeed better than the sum of its parts.

If you miss the long days of summer and are a little sluggish this time of year, then Tropical Weather is your cup of sunshine. With a floral aroma, notes of mango and pineapple, along with peach sweet tea, you'll be leaving the house wearing shorts.

Modern. Mikicho, Setami, Heirloom. Washed & Raised-bed Dried and Natural & Raised-bed Dried.

Cupping Notes: Mango Nectar, Pineapple, Peach Sweet Tea, Floral Honey



snowbird noun
1) a northerner who moves to a warmer southern state in the winter.
2) a widespread and variable junco with gray or brown upper parts and a white belly.

Southern Weather has a sibling. You know that person who shows up to family gatherings around the holidays wearing floral shirts buttoned only mid-way up their torso while sporting a deep-set sunglass tan? This blend is that person. Tropical Weather will transport you from the chilly Polar Vortex to a balmier destination for a lot less than that all-inclusive resort ticket you’ve been eying. A 50/50 blend of Ethiopia Bensa washed and natural processed microlots, this coffee bursts with notes of stone fruit, and finishes with a tropical fruit note so pleasant you can almost hear the ocean's waves.

Tropical Weather