Young Love with Bella

By: Stephanie Meyer

Bella Swan is traveling from the warmth of her hometown in Arizona, and she is going to move to Forks Washington, which is the rainiest place in the continental U.S., to live with her dad while her mom is traveling. She doesn’t expect much from moving to Forks, in fact, she doesn't even like the rain. But at her new school, she meets a very interesting boy. He sticks with his adopted brothers and sisters, and he doesn’t talk to anyone unless absolutely necessary. When she sees him she just cannot manage to stay away… and neither can he. What secrets will Bella uncover by looking closer into this boy’s life and how will this affect her in the future?

Twilight is one of those books that everyone already knows the name of and already has their own opinion about it, even if they haven’t read it. I personally have read this book at least three times. This was because I wasn't too sure if my opinion of the book would stay the same over the years because when I first read it I loved it. What’s not surprising is that I still do. This book sort of reminds me of Jane Austin’s, Pride and Prejudice. The main similarity between the two books that I saw was that both Bella Swan and Elizabeth Bennett do not particularly see themselves as beautiful, but other characters in these books obviously do. This book is definitely one of my favorite romance novels and has been one of the more popular of romance novels in the past decade or so. This book is a great YA read and teaches a few valuable lessons such as sticking to your beliefs no matter what the world around you says about it, and how you can be a girl but still be just as awesome as a boy. Twilight definitely hit home with me on my first, second and the last read of the novel. I hope others get the same joy and pleasure out of these books as I did and still do.

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