TruthWitch: A Witchland Novel

By Susan Dennard

Did you ever want to be a witch when you were little, or maybe even just be able to see one? Safi is a witch, in fact, she is a Truthwitch. Her powers are part of her being, she lives her life with her best friend who is a Threadwitch. One day they are out in the town when all of a sudden a witch starts to cleave. This is when their powers basically go crazy and the witch ends up dying. They stop the witch with a little help from a mysterious stranger who shows up later in the most unexpected of places. What will happen and where will they go?

My experience with this book was of pure delight, in which I could not put the book down. I feel like if I were to have put it down for too long I would have exploded from not knowing what happened next.

The book might have had parts that felt a little drawn out, but the fact that they are like this made the book feel more real. The only time when I didn’t want to read it was when I didn’t want it to end. I was so into this story that when I got to where there were ten pages left I thought to myself, "where is the rest of the book?"

And I almost lost it when I was left with a major cliffhanger. Thankfully the next book was out so I was able to dive right in.

Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who loves high fantasy, magic and adventure. This book definitely goes far from home. At one point during my reading of Truthwitch, I could have sworn I was about to start talking to Safi and tell her what was oblivious about but was right in front of her. I would rate this next to Harry Potter, the world is set up much differently but it feels like what would happen to Harry after school. I really enjoyed how the world was set up new and enticing and it wasn't too much to handle at once. This book definitely won my heart.

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