The Silent Patient Book Review

by Alex Michaelides

Review by: Malachi Westbrook

The Silent Patient is a Psychological Thriller following psychotherapist, Theo, while treating a patient who has remained silent for the past six years. Our Silent Patient, Alicia, is an artist who murdered her husband and ever since has refused to speak landing her in the Grove mental hospital. This is a stand-alone novel, however Michaelides has just released his second book this June. I chose this book because of the raving reviews I had heard about it. I was intrigued by both the premise and the genre as I have not read many thrillers. This is a debut novel by this author and done in a way that keeps you going back for more. This book was done very well in my opinion. It was page turning and the ending left me surprised. The story was not what I was expecting from a thriller but gripped me and made me truly invested in the characters and their stories. While I had many theories during my reading, I did not predict the ending of this book which I was thankful for. I am eager to read other books by this author and more psychological thrillers to compare it to. My Likes: -It is an easy and quick read!

-The ending was surprising

-Engaging and deep characters

-It felt unique.

My Dislikes: - While I found it engaging, it was not as quick or “thrilling” as I expected going in. I would hardly count this as a dislike though as I am very impressed even though it is different than my prior expectations. Overall, I loved this book! I don’t often reread books but could see myself rereading this one in the chance that I missed any details along the way. I can see myself recommending this book to many people in the future! While it was not what I expected, I still found myself unable to put the book down and reading it in one sitting. I am giving it a five-star rating because I found myself needing to find out what happened next and being surprised by the ending.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

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