The Invisible Life of Addie Larue Book Review

by V.E. Schwab

Review by: Malachi Westbrook

Addie LaRue is an Adult Fantasy novel that follows the main character Addie in her journey after making a deal with a god after dark. We see a dueling timeline, one in 17o0s France and one in a modern day United States. Addie wants to live a life of freedom but in desperation, even after being warned, she is faced making a deal with “the devil.”

I chose this book because of the immense love and high ratings I have heard by so many. I am also a fan of VE Schwab and the writing that she does. I did not enjoy this read was let down by my high expectations. However, I am in the minority on this and so many more have fell in love with this story. It was a very interesting concept and some parts had me really engrossed. I loved the writing; it was beautiful and there are many quotes that stand out to me. This is a standalone novel though the author does have other works. My Likes: - The concept.

-Luc as a character.

-The writing was beautiful

My Dislikes: - I was bored through about 90% of the book. The start is good, the middle has a good piece, and the ending is done well, but other than that I was struggling to get through it.

Overall, I did not really like this book. I would recommend this book to anyone likes fantasy though because of the overwhelming love it has. I landed at a two and a half-star rating because I really liked some aspects but found myself bored through the majority of it. I don’t see myself rereading this but again would recommend for others to give it a go because I am in the minority with my opinion on it!

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

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