The Giver

By Lois Lowrey

What if your whole life you were told where to go, who to be, and what to do? Well you probably wouldn't know any difference.

In The Giver, everyone’s lives are planned out exactly how the government wants it to be. Everyone is perfectly fine with this though, well almost everyone. One person, Jonas, isn't. Jonas is curious about what it's like to not take your injections in the morning. There are many things that are forbidden in his community even some words. One of the more important word that is forbidden is love, they use words like "care for" instead. No one really knows the significance of the things the government is trying to hide.

In The Giver you are taken on Jonas’s adventure as “the receiver of memories”. His experience with The Giver is painful and takes a lot of patience and bravery. Throughout reading this story many things are uncovered that may be detrimental to curing the blindness of the people set by the government.

When I was reading The Giver, I couldn't put the book down. I read it in about two days. After reading the Giver, I can say that it was worth it for a couple of reasons. For one thing, the story was really intriguing. Everything I read was original and perfectly put together. I could tell that the author had no room for error and that she really put a lot of thought into her writing. Also, this book does a great job of not falling into a lot of YA novel cliches.

After reading this I can say that I am for sure on board for any and every book to come from this series and any other books this author happens to write

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