The Fault in Our Stars

By: John Green

Hazel Grace Lancaster is just a normal girl… well, a normal girl with Cancer. Hazel goes through a lot, she takes many medications and needs help breathing from a machine 24-7. She feels like her life will never amount to anything, until she meets Augustus Waters. Gus is a boy from Hazel’s Cancer Kid Support Group. He’s funny and very kind towards Hazel, they end up falling in love. They are a very happy couple, until the unfair ways of life interrupts.

How would you feel if one day you woke up and you couldn’t breathe? Would you feel scared? You certainly wouldn’t be happy, you wouldn’t just walk around telling everyone that your lung cancer is giving you joy. People always say not to be scared of anything. Can these people really be scared of nothing? This is all highly unlikely, Hazel Grace knows from experience that being afraid is just part of life. We have nothing to fear but fear itself, Oblivion is inevitable. This novel is a must read if you love, to read, stories about love and tragedies that no one expects, until they’re the victims.

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