Such a Fun Age Book Review

by Kiley Reid

Review by: Malachi Westbrook

Such a Fun Age is an Adult Contemporary Fiction read following the African American babysitter, Emira, who is accused of kidnapping the toddler of white blogger, Alix Chamberlain, at a local supermarket. In this story we see Alix trying to right the wrongs of the situation while taking many selfish missteps along the way and Emira trying to navigate through her life in her mid-twenties.

I chose this book because it is an own voices story that addresses some biases held by some. Additionally, I also find that I really like books in the Reese Witherspoon book club and that enticed me to pick this one up! This book was well done and was a quick read. It read very similarly to watching a TV show and kept me interested. It is not my normal genre, but I was intrigued by the story. The only part I felt fell a bit short was the ending. I would have liked to see more from Emira’s character at the end. My Likes: -The quick pace and easy flow of the book

-Multi-dimensional characters that did not fall into stereotypes.

-The true struggles that were portrayed and executed well.

My Dislikes: - Emira’s ending to the book felt off to me and not quite in character.

-In some areas I lacked a connection to the characters that would lead me to have an emotional response. Overall, I liked this book! I do not think I would reread it but it was good. I would recommend this book to those who are enjoy watching tv shows as it had a similar feel to that. I landed at a four-star rating because while I enjoyed it, there were some lacking elements to me.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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