Serpent & Dove Book Review

by Shelby Maruhin

Review by: Malachi Westbrook

Serpent & Dove is a YA Fantasy novel with an enemies to lovers romance. This book follows Lou, a witch, and Reid, a witch hunter, set in the 15th century. Forced into marriage, Lou and Reid must figure out this impossible situation against all odds.

I chose this book because of a couple of reasons. One being that the cover is gorgeous and enticing. The others being the great reviews I had heard and the ever favorite enemies to lovers trope. I really enjoyed this read and think it was done well. Before reading this book I was in a bit of a reading slump but this hooked me from the start and got me back into reading regularly after a short break. This is a soon to be trilogy with two books complete now. I am interested to see where Lou and Reid’s stories both go from here. My Likes: - Ultimate enemies to lovers.

-Great ending with some surprising twists!

-Lovable characters.

My Dislikes: - After a bit of time since reading, I am finding it not as memorable as other books I have read.

-I would have enjoyed more world building and fantasy elements!

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I would recommend this book to anyone likes Fantasy and Enemies to lovers. I landed at a four-star rating because though I liked it, it was not my favorite in this genre and I can see room to improve. I wish it had a more lasting impact on me. I plan to dive into the rest of the series, the second book is out, and the third releases in August of this year.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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