Kingdom of Ash

Author: Sarah J Maas

Kingdom of Ash is the ending novel to the Throne of Glass series. Obviously, I would ruin the whole series if I explained to you the plot of Kingdom of Ash, with it being the last novel in the series so I’ll explain about the initial novel. Throne of glass is about an Assassin, Celaena Sardothien, who has been chosen by the Prince of Adarlan to be his champion in a competition to win a title as the King’s lackey. If she wins she will be freed from her shackles after five years of service to the king. But she soon discovers that there are hidden secrets kept behind closed doors not only involving the King of Adarlan and his Glass Castle but Celaena herself as well.

I absolutely enjoyed not, just Kingdom of Ash, but the entirety of the series

. But this review is about Kingdom of Ash. There are a few main things that I really enjoyed about this novel. One thing I really enjoyed how fast paced it was. There are exactly 980 pages in Kingdom of Ash and not once did I feel like it was moving too slow. Even though there are parts where they were just talking it was interesting because all of the conversations were about plans and battle strategies and all of the characters knew exactly how to have witty conversations that provided comic relief to deviate from the intense plot. Which made up for the lack of action during these parts. Another thing that I enjoyed in the overall series was the development of the Main Character over time. I won’t spoil the series and say exactly how but just thinking back to how it all started is just mind blowing. I think my favorite part of Kingdom of Ash was definitely the ending. Going into this novel I did not know how the ending would be satisfactory or not. To my relief the ending was perfect and definitely satisfactory. This book is my all time favorite book after reading it, so I’m giving it five stars but not for no reason. I evaluated it like I would any other book. The characters were developed and highly likable, the plot was over the top but in an epic way not like the author bit off more than she could chew, and I would recommend this book to anyone who wishes for an epic high fantasy read. Just understand that by reading this book you have no clue going into it what feelings you will undeniably have towards the end.

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