Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone

By JK Rowling

You may have heard the name Harry Potter before but have you ever wondered what he was like? Harry Potter is an eleven year old boy living with his Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, and his terrible and annoying cousin, Dudley.

He lives in a tiny cupboard at the foot of the stairs while his, way to spoiled, cousin gets two full sized rooms. Harry is just a mistreated boy who never imagined a day where he would get a letter telling him he was… a wizard.

Before he got this letter he never knew he could talk to snakes or see his parents in a magical mirror.

He’s going to need a lot of magic if he’s going to survive.

Harry Potter is a very well composed novel about a boy who survives the unthinkable. With so many twists and turns there's no way you’ll be able to put it down!

When I started to read this book, I thought Harry was just a boy who had no special abilities or talents, but as I got into the book I decided there was so much more to his life and personality.

If you're looking for a book where you can find adventure, mystery, and dramatic reveals then Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone is the book for you.

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