Girl, Serpent, Thorn Book Review

by Melissa Barshedoust

Review by: Malachi Westbrook

Girl, Serpent, Thorn is a YA Fantasy, fairy tale retelling story. I read this book via audiobook and it was about 10 hours in total. Soraya is part of a royal family but is hidden away due to a curse that leaves her poisonous to the touch. She is hidden away from the rest of her family and kingdom. I chose this book for a couple of reasons. One, the cover is gorgeous and intriguing. Second, I had seen other people mention this book and had seen it in other places making me interested in the book before having the ability to request it. I also quite enjoy the YA Fantasy genre and so that made me interested in the book as well. I thought this book had some great aspects as well as some areas that were lacking. As far as my expectations go, I did not have many going in other than what other books of this genre are like. Some places in the book moved in a rushed way and other areas I found to be on the slower and more boring side. The first and second half of the book felt almost like to separate books, more like a book one and two of a series. My Likes: -I enjoyed the fairytale feel of this book. -The representation in this book was done well in my opinion. - I read this via audiobook and really enjoyed the narrator. Especially because I am not the most familiar with Persian terminology, the narrator really helped the flow of this book. My Dislikes: -The lack of world building. I would have liked to see a bit more in this aspect or even a map to help visualize this world. -There seemed to be a lot of easy outs. I would have liked to see more problem solving or conflict instead of the solutions always being so readily available and somewhat predictable. - I was not especially in love with the second half of the book leaving more so wanting to just finish the book than to really find out what was going to happen next or what the ending would hold. I found myself enjoying the first half more. Overall, I did enjoy this book most of the time. I do not believe that I will reread it but I can see myself recommending it to others who do enjoy this genre. I landed at the three-star rating because of these reasons. I enjoyed this author’s writing style and believe I would read another book by her in the future. Thanks!

Rating: 3/5 Stars

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