Our Way

what makes us different

premium coffee

We do our best to source all of our products locally. Starting with our coffee. We found Airship Coffee just over three years ago and fell in love with the way they strive for perfection. 

We only have the best in our shop, and want you to taste the difference. 

high quality tea

We partnered with our favorite tea company just over a year ago. We found Savoy and could not be happier with the difference their teas have made. 

Come taste the difference in-stores today with our continually rotating selection of high-quality loose leaf tea!


What do we mean when we say hand-crafted? We mean that contrary to many chain and some smaller coffee shops, our beverages do not come by the push of a button! From the moment the coffee is in our hands, we control every aspect and do it all manually to guarantee the highest quality. 

community driven

We pride ourselves in being highly focused on our community. As a local business, we could not survive without our community and we do our best to give back! 

We want to be your third place.

Not home, not work, but your place to escape.

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Regular Hours: Monday-Saturday 7:00 am-8:00 pm
816 Main Street Van Buren, Ar