frequently asked questions

Do you buy books?

Yes, we do buy books on a case by case basis. As of right now we only buy on the first Tuesday of the motn from 8-11 AM. 

Do you have non-coffee drinks?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of non-coffee drinks such as tea, smoothies, hot chocolate, sodas, and more!

Do you have dairy-free options?

Yes, for milk alternatives we have almond, coconut, and sometimes oat milk. We also offer many other menu options with no milk! 

Do you have food?

Right now, we currently offer a wide variety of baked goods as well as candy, chips, and other snack food. 

Can I work on my laptop there?

YES! We love having you in the store to work away from home! Ask for our current wifi password when you get to the store! 

Do you cater?

We do some catering now including our large airpots of coffee! We are hoping to expand in this area soon. Call the store to set up your catering event! 

Do you have new books?

We offer a large and wide variety of both new and used books! 

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